Hard Drive Prices
Some hard drive failures are very easy to fix, some are impossible to fix.
We are one of the few places that charge by the hour.
If your drive is easy to fix it will cost you very little.
If one of our engineers has to spend many hours or days on your drive it will cost you more.

We are one of the few data recovery places that will diagnose your drive the same day, call about our same day service*.
We have received many drives from customers with $800 to $1,800 quotes from other companies.
Some of these drives were something simple and we have fixed them for little or no charge.
Some companies base their prices on how badly you want your data.

The prices below are some typical prices. There is no way we can tell you what is exactly wrong with your drive or how much it will cost without seeing your drive. Fixing a hard drive is much more difficult than fixing a car.
Drives with software, simple mechanical or simple electrical problems are normally under $200.
This includes: Bad wires, Burnt adaptors, Accidental deletions, reformatting, overwriting operating system, virus and computers that will not boot.
Drives with electrical hardware (circuit board) problems are normally under $200.
Drives with firmware problems are normally under $300. (This is when your computers BIOS does not see your drive.)
This includes: Burnt out and corrupted hard drive operating systems.
Slow reading drives or drives with many bad sectors are normally under $300. (This is when HDD Scan shows many Red or Bad Sectors)
Clicking or Seized (beeping) laptop drives (2.5") under 500GB will be recovered for under $400.
Clicking or Seized (beeping) laptop drives (2.5") over 500GB will be recovered for under $400
Clicking or Seized (beeping) desktop drives (3.5") over 500GB will be recovered for under $400
Priority Service
- Available during business hours on all weekdays and weekends. Under priority service, the data recovery process in our lab happens on a continuous basis. Your recovery will be put before all other jobs. Estimated Recovery: 1-3 business days Includes pickup and delivery to your business if you are within 50 Miles of us.
Evaluation fee: $100 (Non refundable. Will be deducted from final price)
Price: $300 - $1,000 (You pay only the evaluation fee if we can't recover your data)

Note: Clicking and beeping is a sound that is emitted at a repeatable interval. Normally about once every second. Some newer drives will spin up, click a few times and shut down. If the drive spins and there is no head movement it is either a head problem or firmware problem. Many laptop drives are very quiet and you may have to put them to your ear to hear any clicking or beeping.
Random noise from the drive is good and normally indicates a good head.
If you are not sure, please send it in for a free evaluation and estimate. (Sometimes drives will beep or click and not have a head problem)
Additional charges may apply for parts, postage, media.
We will always obtain your approval before buying any part.
If you provide us a blank drive to copy the recovered files to, there will be no backup media charge, however we can not guarantee the backup. Otherwise backup media will cost $5 per DVD at 4.7GB per DVD. You can also talk to our Engineers about purchasing a new drive.
Postage by UPS ground normally runs under $12.00 for two pounds.
No evaluation fees except for return postage.

Old Location:
AAA Computer Service Center
1361H Fairview Blvd,
Delran, NJ

New Location:
AAA Computer Service Center
5006 Route 130
Delran, NJ
Drive drop off or pick up available by appointment only for local customers.

Please do not mail us your drive unless you first contact us by phone or e-mail.
Open 9:00am to 7:00pm 6 days a week (We are closed Sunday)

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